Our History

Giza Cables Industries is Egypt's market leader in telephone cables, supplying 65% of the telecommunications market, and the second-largest manufacturer of electric HV and LV power cables, wires and conductors, with a 23% market share. We also export 20% of our output to the Levant, GCC countries and North Africa, and are actively seeking new markets in Africa, Asia and Europe. Since the early 1993s, when Giza Cables Industries was launched as the country's first manufacturer of telephone cables, we have continually evolved and diversified our product lines to meet the needs of our growing list of satisfied government and private sector customers in Egypt and abroad.



GC3 EGYPT is in the business of the manufacturing & supply of electrical power cables up to 220 KV , the telephone cables & the enameled wires , it is starving for quality products whose definition is to satisfy & exceed the customer needs ; while adding value to the customer in the most economical way with the most reasonable prices leading to maximizing the value of the company & to satisfy its stakeholders requirements .


"Continued innovation has been the key propeller in the expansion of our business, from the acquisition of the best production processes and their operation, to the adoption of the latest management models and highest customer service standards. Our three cornerstone values revolve around:

- Differentiation in quality of everything we do.

- Provision of solid support to our clients.

- Possession of the vision to build profitable long-term relationships.

GC3 employs state of the art technology for lean manufacturing and cycle time reduction, Delivering superior

cost-competitive prices faster than anyone else in the market. All our products are aligned with international standards.

Message from the chairman