Anti-Bribery Policy Statement

• An adequate & well managed inventory • An adequate & well managed receivables collection • Local & international suppliers development & partnerships • Manufacturing our own components to control the quality & availability of the components of our cables • Customer intimacy & strong relationships at all levels • The synergy within our group • Optimum cost structure • Contacts in the industry • Ability to supply products that closely match customer's needs • Management team
The success of our business is largely a result of : • Superior products • Superior customer service • Extra attention to detail throughout our operations • The unique talents of our key personnel & management • A highly experienced group of employees, a loyal and dedicated staff • Our ability to successfully differentiate our products or services from the competition • Our ability to successfully compete on price by rigorously controlling costs (all types of costs) • An aggressive sales effort, highly targeted marketing & compelling promotions
Customers of gc3 industries will find our sales teams truly committed to delivering services to their utmost satisfaction. Our sales officers are experts and highly experienced in handling any queries, cost estimates or orders about Wires, Cables and Cable accessories. Whether your placed order requires customized designs and specification, GC3 industries is confident it can deliver orders with quick turnaround and prompt deliveries.



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